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Cralorboi CIC has been having serious issues with one of his legs since he was involved in a car crash with the late Quincy B about two years ago. The artist has been in and out of hospitals, seeking medical treatment. Since the accident, CIC has been seen slightly hopping on his leg, and the discomfort has caused him not to be able to ‘kill’ the stage during performances.

The Liberian kolo pop star was one of four persons in the car that crashed and killed the then super talented Liberian artist, Quincy L. Burrowes, alias, Quincy B. The four artists, Feouls, Margas, CIC, and of course, Quincy B, were having fun all night on that fateful March 2 – 3. They started the night at the famous Karaoke Night at Anglers on March 2. They left Anglers Bar and headed to the Kapital Room, where they stayed shortly and were later heading towards the Sinkor belt when Quincy B, the driver of the vehicle, lost control, leading to a terrible accident that led to his death and an injured-legged CIC during the early hours of March 3, 2017.

Quincy B (the late), CIC, Feouls, Margas

Many attributed the cause of the accident to ‘drunk driving’, meaning Quincy B was driving under the influence of alcohol. Others attributed it to spiritual attack, with many pointing to CIC as being the cause of Quincy B’s death, an issue that still lingers on the minds of many up to today; the most recent of such accusations (a kinda of insinuation) being made by Suzan, a blogger based in Australia, which saw both CIC and Suzan in over a month long legal battle. Still others have said that people should stop accusing CIC wrongly when in fact, he is only a victim of an accident caused by a drunk, reckless driver. This issue remains one of the biggest controversies within the Liberian Entertainment Industry. The views of the fans of both Quincy B and CIC remain divided on this particular issue, and this might remain the case till eternity or till some supernatural power comes down to clarify what happened on that fateful day.

Well, CIC has announced that he has finally undergone a surgery that will lead to the solution of his leg problem.

He expressed that though he had been afraid to undergo another surgery procedure, the discomfort he has been going through over the past couple of months forced him to take the bold step and walk into that OR (Operation Room) to remove a certain metal that was stuck in his leg due to the accident. He expressesd that he had been under such pain that he had cancelled out shows and disappointed his fans on many occasions. However, he is glad that it’s all over because the surgery has finally been done. He can’t wait to recover and hit the stage big time in December.

Been in total discomfort for the past few months causing me to cancel out on shows cuz I was scared to go under another surgery procedure to remove the metal from my leg. Glad God did strengthen me and the surgery is finally done. Thanks to God, my team , my DJs & promoters, my family and loving FANS for keeping me in prayers🙏🏽
I pray for speedy recovery and can’t wait to step on stage again on DECEMBER 15🥰
Love you guys❤️

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