Suzan’s life is threatened by CIC – Stone Luckshine

The feud between Suzan Gbangaye, the facebook talkshow host and the Liberian kolopop Superstar, Cralorboi CIC is taking a dramatic turn. The artist posted on facebook that there is an arrest warrant out for Suzan for stating on facebook that she puts a question mark on CIC for Quincy B’s death. He later made a comment under his post that he had sent his boys to check at Stone Luckshine’s house for Suzan, knowing that Stone Luckshine is Suzan’s boyfriend.

Following these developments, the boyfriend of Suzan has openly declared a threat on his girlfriend’s life by the artist, CIC.

Suzan Gbangaye life is threatened by AuntyMabel Son Tosh CiC… Sending people to my house in search of her is illegal… If anything happens to her you will be held reliable…
No man is above the law…

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