Top 3 Liberian artists to make it to BET 2019

At least one of these Liberian artists will receive a BET nomination soon…watch out


Daniel George, professionally known as Deng, is a Liberian musician who has really worked hard to be where he is today. He has won many awards and has a few international collaborations. His international tours were all successful.

Deng seems to be accumulating a list of “Firsts” already. Deng was the first Liberian to receive an MTV Africa Music Awards nomination in 2015, Listener’s Choice category.

Deng has decided that he’s not putting that crown down anytime soon. Barely 3 years later, Deng has made it to the international stage of the One Africa Music Fest, being the first Liberian artist to perform at the One Africa Music Festival in New York City, USA. He mounted that stage and made Liberia proud by performing excellently. This is really commendable.

It is undeniable that Deng is being watched by the international community, of which BET is a part, and a nomination from them is imminent.

Check out his YouTube channel for his music



Marice Gayflor, also known as Cralorboi CIC, is another awards winning Liberian musician who continues to make Liberia proud. CIC hit the stage quite recently, but has quickly broken through the entertainment industry in less than two years. He keeps releasing back-to-back hit songs. The name CIC has quickly become a household name and keeps spreading like a wild fire.

He is currently the brand ambassador of the biggest gsm company in Liberia, the Lonestar MTN, replacing the late Quincy B who was the brand ambassador until his demise. He won this position through a voting process, which showed just how much he is loved by many.

During the Tribute concert of the late Ebony Reigns of Ghana, we saw CIC gracing that stage. As usual, he made his people proud out there.

CIC is currently out in Australia on his first international tour. He is doing extremely well, taking Liberian music to the world. He is loved by many and he never falls short of giving his fans just what they yearn for, a great performance.

His international collabo with Nigerian star Iyanya, Weekend, is still the most talked about and one of the most played songs.

One shouldn’t be surprised that CIC’s name could pop up on a BET nomination list pretty soon.

Check out his songs at



The award winning artist Kobazzie made his presence felt less than three years ago. He lost his record label, Bilikon due to some misunderstanding, and it was feared by many that his career would have been seriously affected. That was far from reality. Whatever it is that he did, we don’t know, but it’s like Kobazzie understands exactly what he wanted out of this path he chose. He kept pushing himself really hard.

He kept working hard. We saw him on the stage at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, a really huge stage. He granted an interview on the Voice of America and BBC Africa. He keeps working. He maintains his position as an artist who is here to stay.

Kobazzie is currently out there lifting Liberia up high. He started with his Australian tour, and now he’s on his American tour. He was also a speaker at this year’s Nexus Global Summit. He spoke on the topic “The Need to Promote Jobs and Livelihood for Youths in Africa and Why New Solutions Are Needed”. He did extremely well.

At the Acana Fest, Kobazzie performed his new hit, Bounce so well, that he had a white girl “bouncing” to the vibes.

Kobazzie is one artist in the international arena already, and there’s no doubt folks at BET are watching him closely.

Check out his channel for his songs:

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