Two Liberian promoters/journalists headed for a nasty divorce

Two Liberian promoters who met and got married are at each other’s throat right now. Mr. Matthew W. Kantan, alias DJ Juicy Fingers and wifey Hannah F.S. Kantan are on the verge of a very nasty divorce, and the husband decided to reach out to this blog to XPOZE 8 and explain how it all went down. Here’s the entire story from DJ Juicy Fingers’ side. When we contacted Hannah, she decided to remain mute for now.

DJ Juicy Fingers said that he won the DV some time ago and was supposed to go to America. However, because he played as a married man, he decided to get a lady to marry. That’s how he met Hannah and got married to her, so it was a DV marriage. However, according to DJ Juicy Fingers, he and Hannah later fell in real love and were living together as husband and wife, and doing everything husbands and wives do, of course. They were there until recently when their process to get the visa started.

They went to the embassy and to DJ Juicy Finger’s surprise, the data base revealed that Hannah Kantan is already the wife of another man called Massaquoi, so how is she again the wife of Kantan or Juicy Fingers? That means the woman is actually married to two different men at the same time!!! When asked by the interviewer at the embassy, Hannah denied ever being married to Massaquoi. “However, the data base shows that you are married to Massaquoi”, the interviewer said. That led to their denial. Yes they were DENIED from going to America on the DV!!! Now, they can no longer go to America.

Now DJ Juicy Finger’s major frustration is that he had been hearing some things about this Massaquoi person being somehow in a relationship with his lovely wifey Hannah, but Hannah always denied it. So right now, he is so frustrated because he can’t believe he was deceived like this in his life by a woman he only tried to help to go to America and later fell head-over-heels in love with.

From the embassy, Hannah went to her parents’ house, saying that she is going to explain the issue to her parents, and up to now, weeks later, she has not returned home. Hannah then decided that since this is how things have unfolded, she wants a divorce. They have both now agreed that they will be getting a divorce, but Hannah is warning DJ Juicy Fingers that since they fell in love after the fake marriage, he does not have the right to have another relationship. They will be boyfriend and girlfriend after the divorce until they can see how best they can work out their relationship.

Listen to the recording sent by hubby Juicy Fingers:

Juicy Fingers on the other hand is not having it. He decided to reach the whole matter to the media. He ended his conversation with us by saying, “Now she’s still out of the house and she wants me to divorce her and start loving to her again. Can you imagine that? She’s all over on facebook writing now saying she wants to be a blogger.” What a wow!!!

Well, we are watching the story closely to see how it ends up.

Oh well… things people do to get a better life. It’s both ways. Both men and women alike dupe people that fall in love with them and try to help them. The hustle is real, tho. The hustle is indeed real.

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