VIDEO: Baroe cries out for her life!!!

Princess A, Barrolle Dartey, who goes by the stage name Baroe, a Ghana-based Liberian multi-talented singer has come out openly to tell how her life is in danger in Ghana. Speaking on a facebook live video, Baroe expressed that she lives in fear for her life in Ghana. She went on to say that she receives threats too often, she has been attacked many times, that people come to her house and harass her, assault her, and threaten to kill here. She said that she usually sees strange cars outside her house as monitors that would pull off as soon as they notice someone is watching. She has noticed cars following her everywhere she goes and people noticing whatever she does. The worst instance is when she got kidnapped and taken to an unknown place.

She narrated that on a sunny morning, as she and siblings left to purchase some things in a local shop, they took a taxi back home but upon reaching their home, the driver stopped and her sibling disembarked first. While she was still struggling to get the money out to pay the driver, he locked the doors and sped off with a knife in his hand threatening that he was going to kill her if she made noise. She asked him where he was taking her. He told her that he was taking her to Tema ( a city in Ghana ) to kill her. “He said to me, ‘you don’t  listen’. You’re getting too much’”, Baroe said. She went on to explain that many things transpired between them until all of a sudden she found the strength to fight him on the steering until he gave up on her and pushed her off to a dusty road, threw her bag at her and pulled off. 

Taking caution for her life, she reported the matter to the Ghanaian Police. However, she said she still had to reach out to call for help and make the world know, especially the Liberian community, that  she no longer feels secure and safe in Ghana.

In the same light, Baroe has cried out for support. She said she is trying to do this music thing, but she gets so discouraged because she is not receiving the kind of support she needs. She says more than 500 people would like a picture she shares, but cannot subscribe to her YouTube channel. She went on to say that music is all she has and if she cannot receive the support from her people, she can’t survive it. The Ghanaian-Liberian artist has expressed that she does not have to do things ‘out of the way’, like going nude, or insulting on social media, before she can receive the needed support. She says, “I am struggling and struggling and struggling….I am doing my best…”. However, she is extremely frustrated that she cannot receive the reward for her hard work. She said she will say it now before because she knows when she is no more (dead), that is when people will want to organize the biggest funeral and all that, but she needs the support now, while she is still alive. She went on to say that she does not want to assume that she is being neglected by her own people, however, that is the feeling she has. She says she is with the Bosss TV crew, but she does everything for herself, as in financially. Well, what she is asking for is financial support, but not only financial support. She says moral support is highly appreciated, a common message to ask how shes’s doing way there in Ghana, or a subscription to her channel, sharing of her work, just anything that will help boost her music career because she is actually getting tired due to the lack of support.

Princess A, Barrolle Dartey, Baroe, a Liberian artist based in Ghana, is an afro beat, RnB, Soul, and Reggae musician. She was signed was to Delphy Music in Ghana, but had to break up with her label, as she was being seriously suppressed, according to her. She later got connected to the BOSSS TV crew, who now serve as her new management. She has made several trips back home to address issues concerning women, a topic very dear to her heart, and to attend to other issues of importance, including participating in the inauguration of President George Manneh Weah, among other things.

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