VIDEO: Bucky Raw and Karishma in some type of relationship – Jamaal has a lot to EXPOSE

Too much has been going on lately between the DJ Master Queen, Karishma DeQueen, Jamaal Sonpon, and the rest, but Jamaal is the plug😂

Enjoy this dope Liberian music by Muzikal of G-Supremo – MY WOMAN

It all started with Jamaal getting Master Queen on an interview and then he asked her something about Karishma DeQueen.

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The first Queen said she doesn’t know the second Queen.

This made Karishma DeQueen to post receipts that the Master Queen knows her.

Boom!!!! Now there’s a whole lotta receipts posting going on. Receipt came out from Master Queen too….yeah na

Jamaal started saying that he sent money to Karishma in Cote d’Ivoire cause she was stranded and needed money to buy her plane ticket. How much was the amount? US$100.00.

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Karishma said DA LIE.Jamaal posted receipt. Boom!!!!

However, it is worth noting that Karishma did not totally deny that Jamaal sent her money. She said thatJamaal did not send her money to Cote d’Ivoire, rather to Monrovia. Besides, she said he did not send her money for plane ticket, but rather, he was in love with her, so he just sent her money, which she noted was so cheap of him to send her US$100.00, when she has a net worth of about US$5,000.00, as per her bank account.

Jamaal said he na care for that one. Anybody can fix bank statement in LIB.

Jamaal then goes on live video to talk it all…..😂 Lay man say he was tiyah typing….he wan talk na. In that talk, plenty rope haul bush, including ha Bucky Raw and Karishma in some type of relationship, ha Double H told MTN and the hotel stuff about Davido during the Davido concert, plus many many more😂👇👇

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