VIDEO: I’m fighting for my f**king life – R. Kelly cries as he denies allegations of sexual assault

R. Kelly finally had his first interview since being charged with 10 counts of sexual assault. In a sit down with Gayle King, R. Kelly said that all those allegations against him are lies. He said that people are going back to his past and they’re adding all up now. He went on to say that he had two cases in the past and he beat them. He said people can’t double-jeopardy him loke that by bringing up his past again and begin to judge him by them.

King asked him specifically if he didn’t touch women, if he didn’t keep women against their will when they were underage. In a rather teary outburst he screamed, “I’m fighting for my f…..king life”… he went on to say that he won’t be stupid enough to do a thing like that after all what he has been through in his past. He asked the public to use their common sense to judge him. He said;they should forget the blogs, hate him or like him, but how stupid will it be for him to hold underage girls hostage after he had had such a crazy past. He said that’s not possible.

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