VIDEO: Kobazzie’s Bounce Video drops on Davido’s official YouTube channel

Bounce is one song that has made so much headline in the Liberian Entertainment Industry. Right from day one, the noise behind the music has not been easy. From Kizzy W demanding for his credit for the portion of the song he wrote, to Kobazzie’s denial and subsequent accusation that Kizzy W lost the original song and that he had to take it to another engineer and the whole nine yard….it was noise all over the place.

Then news started circulating that Davido wanted to be featured on the remix to the song. Another noise started about how Kobazzie was lying, how Davido charged for the remix and Kobazzie had no money so there will be no remix, and then boom….

The remix dropped. Yet another chain of noise about how the remix is wack and the original is better….how there should have been no remix in fact, and how the video must come out to rescue the remix. Oh wow!!! The noise behind Bounce alone made the song a hit, so the song was forced to be a hit. Oh yeah, the song is actually a hit.

At the end of the day, the video to this wonderful Bounce music has dropped. The most amazing part about this is that the song was actually uploaded to Davido’s personal YouTube channel.

Watch the video below:

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