VIDEO: Mai Myers passionately kisses in new music video

Mai Myers, the Liberian Afro-pop Artist based in the United States of America, has finally released the most anticipated video to her music titled DONE. The Music video is mostly around the storyline of heartbreak. Her man broke her heart and ran her into the arms of another man. He then goes running back to her, but finds her passionately kissing her new man.

Entertainment lovers have been thrilled by the scene in the video that involves the kissing. The kissing part had become the major focus of the entire video. The identity of the man being kissed so passionately by the Afropop Diva has been revealed to be AG Da Profit, another Liberian artist based abroad.

It is even being alleged that the two artists have ‘something’ going on. Whatever the case is, that kissing part of the video has positioned the video well as a ‘hot cake’.

Watch the entire video below:

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