VIDEO: Mz Menneh, accuses Liberian Super Star, Deng of sexual harassment

There is yet another sexual harrassement allegation being levied against the Liberian Super Star, Deng. This one is by another female artist, making her the third female artist to speak out against Deng on sexual harrassement issues.

Mz Menneh, a traditional artist, explains that when Deng went to Minnesota in April of 2018, she reached out to him, something she usually does when a Liberian artist visits a State she’s in at the time. She offered to take him out for a lunch date since she was not going to be able to attend his event. They set the appointment for the 29th of April, she said. Deng did not have any means of transportation at tthe time. He asked her to go get him. She went and picked him up and they headed to the restaurant. He then said he wanted to get food from the African store and wanted to eat at her house, if that was OK by her. She said cool. They got the food and went to her apartment.

After eating and hanging out at her house, he was about to leave. He asked her for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She willingly did. However, she said DenG held her too tight after she ended the hug. He kept holding her too tight and then he groped her and rubbed his hand down her buttocks. At that point, she said she was very uncomfortable. As if that was not enough,

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Mz Menneh said when he released her waist, he grabbed her head and tried tto forcefully kiss her. She struggled and freed herself and pushed him away. Then she asked him what was he doing…he said he thought she wanted him because she had offered to take him out, and that many females who want to have an affair with him throw themselves on him like that and so he just understood her gesture to mean that she was ‘on hea’t for him. She sai, ” No, and don’t do that to me again or any other female in America for that matter. You might end up in jail.” She said he apologised and she forgave him. He then left.

However, she said she is speaking about it now because she sees a pattern in the way he goes about his sexual assault tactics, after listening to all the other women stories. She says he needs help. Anyway, watch the entire video below:

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