VIDEO: Quincy B was nothing when I met him, yor don’t make me talk oh – Lewiz McCarthy clears his name

After what was a heartbreaking interview done by the mother of the late Quincy B, Mrs. Borrowes, in which she accused Mr. Lewiz McCarthy of so many things, the former manager of the late QB clears his name. Mr. Lewiz McCarthy took to his face book page and did a live video to clear his name. He basically said that everything that was said about him is nothing but big black lies. He went on to clarify that he did everything to make Quincy B what he was before he died when nobody knew him. The sim card they are talking about belonged to him, he only lent it to Quincy B. It was only right for him to take him sim card back.

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Mr. Lewiz McCarthy also went on to explain that he took Quincy B from a single room that was occupied by many young men who were having sex, meaning, men who were old enough to have relationship were all sleeping together in a single room. He moved Quincy from that situation and rented a flat for him up Mamba Point, when QB had his privacy, a decent bathroom, kitchen, basically, a very decent apartment. He went on to say that he was able to cut endorsement deals for the artist. He said he took Quincy as a little brother and treated him as such. He did so many good things for Quincy B when nobody knew him nor believed in his dream. To come out now and start to accuse him of all these things is just being ungrateful, he asserted.

The rest of the story can be heard in the below video:

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