VIDEO: US-based DJ Chicago doubts Mz Menneh’s sexual assault allegation against Deng

DJ Chicago, a Liberian DJ based in the United States of America, has a lot to say about the allegation made against Deng by Mz Menneh. He said when he heard that Mz Menneh was sexually harrased by Deng, he thought it was done in Deng’s apartment on the day that he met Mz Menneh in Deng’s apartment. However, he got confused when he heard that the assault took place at Mz. Menneh’s apartment, on an earlier date than the date he met the artist at Deng’s apartment.

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DJ Chicago said that he met Mz Menneh at Deng’s apartment in May, meanwhile, Mz Menneh said that she was harassed in April. He said he had gone to meet up with Deng and some other artists at Deng’s apartment. He went alongside Xten, another female artist. However, when they got there, he said Deng took very long to come downstairs to meet them because he was upstairs with somebody. They had to leave after waiting for about 20 minutes and came back later. They waited again a bit more before Deng finally came downstairs to meet them, and he came along with Mz Menneh. Mz Menneh had been the ‘somebody’ that Deng was upstairs with all that while. He said Mz Menneh and Deng were all hugged up and all lovey-dovey, and they could pass for lovers, judging from the way he saw them all tight and stuff.

His concern now is if Mz. Menneh was sexually harassed by Deng and she told him few days earlier never to touch her again, that he could get into trouble, why did she come to Deng’s apartment and was there with him alone, and was all hugged up with him in their presence? They were so happy together that they all took pictures together and you can see in the pictures that she didn’t have a single problem with Deng holding her body in the picture. He says he’s not calling Mz Menneh a liar, but he just has these concerns. Watch the video below:

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