VIDEO: Your a$$ cannot sing – fan condemns Kobazzie

After performing at the ACANA Festival in the United States of America, a Liberian woman who attended the program live has a lot to say about Kobazzie’s performance. The Liberian fan, who also happens to be a vlogger and runs her show called Speak Ya Mind, Ms. Patience Slueue, has expressed, with so much frustration, that Kobazzie is a very terrible live performer. She lamented that the Liberian Star cannot sing, that he has a frog voice and that he should either forget about singing or spend money to master his craft. She has asked the Bounce hit maker to spend money on voice training and hire a voice coach in order to be able to make money from his music.

Watch video below:

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Your a$$ cannot sing – fan condemns Kobazzie

  1. We don’t blame you, you are speaking out of frustration perhaps you wanted have sex with him and he refused and rejected you. You have listed all of good things in America but no one from your family can sing. You are more terrible then him, frustrated old hanging beg.

    1. I felt disappointed hearing him sing the way he sang on the live performance. Liberians should do better to upgrade themselves when more is expected from you. Nowadays, people listen to too many artists who sing well and would certainly make comparison. I am actually disappointed by what I heard to be frank as compared to the actual audio clip of the both songs. But if he can do better next time

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