War between Kizzy W and Kobazzie

Oh!!!! This one is hot!!!!! The beef between Kizzy W and Kobazzie is steaming hot!!!

Okay, so Kobazzie’s “Bounce” is out and literally ‘bouncing’ all over the place and it seems like somebody is being ungrateful, somebody is angry, and somebody is not going to let anything just slide like that.

Now, from reliable source, the song Bounce was written and produced by Kizzy W. Even though the flyer says that the song was produced by Kizzy W, something is still not right, from all indications, something is still not right.

Kizzy W, couple of minutes ago took to his facebook page and wrote:

“Another hit written and produced by Kizzy W… I’m grateful for the knowledge as I keep touching the lives of my fellow Liberians. #grateful #blessed.”

This post led to lots of mixed feelings and very quickly, there’s a complete war going on right now under that post between Kizzy’s followers and Korbazzie’s followers.

Kobazzie quickly responded, under Kizzy’s post:

“Newton S Woyeh Don’t do dat I respect u bro please don’t go there. Thank for understanding.”

Kobazzie again warned Kizzy:

“Please edit ur post or else I will come for u am very serious very”

Kizzy’s answer:

“Text me the words to use”

WTH!!!! This is definitely war!!!!

Yeah, something is wrong, something is wrong, something is definitely wrong!!!

Here’s the thing, even though the flyer says produced by Kizzy W, why is it that Bounce was released without Kizzy W’s tag ( Kizzy W beats), as we would normally hear on all Kizzy’s songs he produces? Simple, Kizzy and Kobazzie could not agree on the terms of the song and Kobazzie walked away with the song, not yet mastered, took it to another engineer to hurriedly do ‘something’ with it like mastering it, and then he released it, without giving Kizzy W the due adknowledgement, not even mentioning that the man wrote the song, and apparently Kizzy W says he would give himself his flower whilst he is still alive.

Kizzy W would never produce a song, master it, and refuse to put his tag on it. The way Kizzy likes himself, you would definitely hear “Kizzy W beats”.

Well, let’s see which one of these two men can make it “Bounce” like ganga ball.

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