Wendy Williams finally files for divorce

Starting out as a fairytale, the couple, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter, met back in 1995, after the divorce of Wendy with Robert Morris III. They tied the knot in 1997 and welcomed their son, Kevin Hunter Jr. in 2000.

News have it that Kevin has not only been accused of cheating on her over the past decade with Sharina Hudson, a 32-year-old massage therapist, but he even bought her a pricey house, not far from their own home. They have also been seen out together. To make matter worse, Sharina recently had a son with an unknown father, which is alleged to be Kevin.

All prompting the marriage to be inactive for half a year, Wendy could no longer hold back her actions but hit the nail on the head in a Court wanting to be ring free, and this time, forever.

Going their separate ways with a son, that has risen the issue of “A Child Support”,
How will the Wendy and Kelvin really keep the emotional distance where Kevin is not only Wendy’s husband, but her Manager and an Executive Producer on The Wendy Williams Show, which began in 2008?

The action just began.

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