Woman who paid R. Kelly’s bail receives bomb threats from angry Americans

A woman who paid bail for R. Kelly, Valencia Love, from the Chicago suburb of Romeoville, Illinois, paid US$100,000.00 to bail out R. Kelly. The amount represents 10% of the US$1M bail the American singer is supposed to pay in order to make bail. She posted the US$100,000.00 bail in a court document. Following that move, many angry Americans called in bomb threats to a business in Chicago located on West 79th St. on March 2, 2019, the same address of the LordandChild Christian Daycare, which is believed to be associated with Valencia Love. It is however unclear who exactly owns the Daycare.

When asked why she paid the US$100,000.00, the 47-year-old Valencia Love simply said because R. Kelly is her friend. According to her, she believes that her friend is innocent, and sending out bomb threats is just about the worst response from any group of angry Americans. Many are confused and angry over the fact that a woman would actually pay R. Kelly’s bail for a crime such as sexual violence.

No offenders have been arrested yet. The area has been thoroughly combed, and there is no trace of bombs anywhere in the vicinity so far.

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