You na hear about Mz Menneh?

Mz Menneh is a Liberian Neo-traditional, Afro Soul singer and songwriter, Mz Menneh is proving to be one of the most important new voices of our generation in the Traditional and Cultural genre.

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The Mz Menneh platform drops her upcoming debut album titled “Country Geh” which will be released on June 1, 2019. The album will be comprised of 12 tracks in different genres including Afrobeats and Electronic Dance Music. The album will be reflective of our African roots, embrace the essence of traditional and cultural life in Liberia.

Mz Menneh has been blessed with several Nominations and awards in the past year, LEA-Best Artist of the year, among others.

The Mz Menneh platform has invested and given back to our country in the past year on Humanitarian, Social and infrastructure in the amount of over US$250,000. In addition to giving back to our country, the Mz Menneh platform has volunteered numerous hours in the United States in educating Liberian-born children, Americans and other nationalities about the Liberian Cultures and Traditions.

Mz Menneh and team will be in Liberia this month, April, for “Country Geh” Video Shoot & Shopping for the Album Release, which is scheduled for June 1, 2019.

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